COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Discussion Week 12 – Guen Fung

Over the years, the video gaming community has been pumping out more and more interesting games and with technology such as Virtual Reality, the trend of VR gaming is taking forms in other medias as well. We started with simple virtual reality game rooms where you interact with other players with their own VR set, to people developing VR for architeture, media, education and military. This started to become a trend during the 2010’s but it wasn’t until popularized until 2020 when the pandemic hit. People would get on VRChat, a game that is meant for testing VR in the beginning stages of VR gaming took YouTubers and Twitch streaming to a new high. People felt insolated during the pandemic and the usage of interaction through Virutal Reality helped eased people’s emotions. This also led content creators to make videos.


  1. Gloria Rosario


    I am not very familiar with the world of video gaming but I do hear about a lot of interesting games that come out all the time. I think that this is a very good example of something that will continue to grow and gain more popularity.

  2. Ebony Derrick

    I’ve heard and seen a lot of people starting to play VR video games more now compared to when Virtual Reality headsets started to show up in the market. I also agree that this will become something very popular where people can have the full experience of the game.

  3. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, I have seen content about VR games in many movies, such as my favorite movie “Ready player one”. I also agree that VR games are likely to become a very popular culture because people will be freer in VR games, but I’m a little worried that people will indulge in virtual reality.

  4. Faye Wang

    VR technology is a bridge for communication between human vision and virtual three-dimensional space. With the development of the online world, VR is bound to be a mainstream topic.

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