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Response Week 12 – Guen Fung

Narrowing down my concept on food advertisement, more to compare and contrast and the development of advertisement. Foucsing on how in the past, companies were able to do health claims on their products. Based off Curtiss (Candy company) and Domino (Sugar). How cigarette companies at the time and sugar companies at the time share the similar marketing strategy.

Resources found that is able to support claims of the advertisement of the time in terms of corruption and lack of knowledge.


Sources going to be incorperate in terms of evolving food advertising.

  • Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, written by Marshall McLuhan
  • Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism (1909)
  • Jessica Helfand, Dematerialization of Screen Space (2001)

Discussion Week 12 – Guen Fung

Over the years, the video gaming community has been pumping out more and more interesting games and with technology such as Virtual Reality, the trend of VR gaming is taking forms in other medias as well. We started with simple virtual reality game rooms where you interact with other players with their own VR set, to people developing VR for architeture, media, education and military. This started to become a trend during the 2010’s but it wasn’t until popularized until 2020 when the pandemic hit. People would get on VRChat, a game that is meant for testing VR in the beginning stages of VR gaming took YouTubers and Twitch streaming to a new high. People felt insolated during the pandemic and the usage of interaction through Virutal Reality helped eased people’s emotions. This also led content creators to make videos.

Week 11 Response – Guen Fung

Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground Mainstream takes how trends can be a rip off from the past and how current trends comes from smaller communities. I believe that the constant thoughts I have as a designer also comes from a ripped off idea off someone else. It’s like the thoughts you have isn’t original as someone would of had it before you.

In terms of marketing, I feel that the whole point of social media originally was to connect with friends. But now it has turned into a place to include advertising, political views and meeting new people from anywhere in the world. One of these social medias I want to touch upon is TikTok. Although TikTok is relative new, the short clips has been a smaller community before TikTok.

This one community was Vine, it took off with a storm with the amount of memes people made. The senstation was all the hyped when I was in school at the time. Even teachers would know what the kids were doing in their classes. The new media that just records for 6 seconds was the hit. Although it was made for video, people found branding and advertisement in the app. SIX SECONDS OR LESS, the article I read, shows clever demostrations of Kenneth Cole’s shoe going around of a box as a marketing stratergy, another with a home improver with the sponorship with Lowes. But this didn’t last long as Vine was shut down in 2017.

This is where TikTok started taking the attention from Vine, as it isn’t restricted to 6 seconds, and users needed a place to be. This was the next big thing for the younger generation, as it seems like social media carries the hype with the younger generation. But as advertisements grew in social media, so did politics. In this article, What are political parties doing on TikTok? The Spanish case, the Spanish politicians made it a goal to open their very own party on TikTok to gain attraction and communcation. As this is new to TikTok, but for years YouTube, Facebook and other websites that supports video has been political.

Lastly the underground mainstream I want to mention is the popularities of video. Over the few years, YouTube, Reddit is adapting to TikTok. The video players on Reddit is very similar to the one on TikTok, even the way you scroll down on the app is much alike. YouTube launched their own version of TikTok called YouTube Shorts, Facebook with their Instagram Reel, etc… An article about these short video mentions that “social media users worldwide spent about 2 hours and 25 minutes on various platforms everyday with more than half this time dedicated to video content.”

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Discussion 11 B – Guen Fung

  • Design trend in terms of food advertisement, how vintage ads displays their inventions of foods, such as cereal that has some kind of stigma behind it such as a doctor approval that this is better than eating an apple. Compared to now, where we get food advertisements that wouldn’t claim a food would make you healthier, but focuses on a feels good aspect such as a plant based burger.
  • The idea behind this is the amount of ads I seen on the TV, magazines, subways, ect… has changed over time as a child compared to now where the industry of food advertisement has evolved in a way that children, teenagers and adults can relate more. Example – less children watches traditional TV and food advertisement was huge back in 2000’s with cereal, fast food places such as McDonalds giving toys, candies.
  • Early 2000’s to 2010 to 2015 to now. Platform usage of entertainment has changed, less on traditional cable TV to Mobile devices and streaming services doesn’t really do paid ads if it’s a paid service.
  • Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism (1909), the purpose of the reading with the progressive society changes how futurism works and methods. The ability and direction of the society dictates where design is heading. This could be from facts about a products to a look of a product.
  • Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, written by Marshall McLuhan and his medium is the school of thought I would like to know more about. The exponentional growth mention from the pervious bullet point and how this relates to being an extention of our arms as a designer.
  • My theory is that people are getting more knowledge and exposure in terms of health consequences from family and friends. The knowledge that long term of bad food is bad for your health is rapidly getting reminded. But on the other side of the coin, the industry for food is making it more and more appealing to eat their food, opposing to the health aspects.

Response 9 – Guen Fung

◉ Priori – Knowing something without having to experience it beforehand.

I feel like that is something that all designer should do regardless, but sometimes the ideal target audience is different.

◉ Linguistic sign mentioned is a bit hard to understand. To sum it up, I think it means that the ad in this case was the Panzani means that not just the name itself, but the ingridents is “Italiancity.”

◉ Connoted in his ad is the suggestion of the Italian products, or products that is a stereotype? Example, using the bag as it implies how Italians would get their groceries in. Creates a meaning behind this. Coloring of the Italian’s flag, red background, white bag, and green on packaging as well as the tomatoes stems.

◉ Denoted literally the image of the items. Example ; pasta, canned salsa, mushroom, tomatoes.

◉ Advertisement standing for cultinary service, in the way the images consistent of food items.

Week 9 Discussion – Guen Fung

The image I chose is the one from Simon Lei, I feel like the whole concept of idealism in society today is a touchy concept. Sure we are in concept of blaming the ads for shooting for idealism such as this ad. But at the same time, we as a society prefer to look at more attractive mediums. This example is shown in like YouTube, Tik Tok and such. Most successful influencers are the ones that are considered pretty by the norm, unless they are known for other traits.

Week 8 Response – Guen Fung

Subway Ad #3: Seamless–A guide to becoming a true New Yorker | by Naomi  Tenenini | Medium

To start off with the first ad that captured my attention on the train are the food ads, but in particular it is the Seamless Campaign. It seems like the idea behind Seamless’ advertisement is more of experimenting new types of food. Whatever that is a different cusine you normally order or different food options in your area, the focal point of diversity in food options is the key.

Dog Food for Puppies, Adult Dogs, Senior & Working Dogs | PEDIGREE

The 2nd advertisement I saw this week is pet food related, this isn’t the exact ad, but it was very similar. From purchasing some pet related things for my friend’s dog, I get a lot of the pet ads. One of the common trends I noticed in the pet’s industry is the usage of idealism for a pet. You wouldn’t see diversity in dogs or cats. They are portraited as this model pet, but in reality the pets I see normally don’t look as close as a model as the animal are portraited in the ads.

MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color (Blackpink Edition) | COSME HUT

Lastly, this wasn’t an ad, but it was packaging I saw when I went out with a few friends on a Friday, and they went to pick up one of the hair dyes. What stood out for me is the portray of Asian women in this particular usage. The store is an Asian owned business and sells Asian market things, which makes sense that the target audience for the store is selling products targetted at Asians, which in my case is true for my friend that was buying hair products at that store.

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