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Proposal- Zachary Forkash

For unit 2 I chose to write about the COVID-19  because of it’s social, economical and global change. I will be continuing to write about this topic throughout unit 3 and personally I think that the best approach from my point of view will be to create an educational video. I want to make a YouTube video because I want to appeal to the somewhat younger generation, 14-22 years of age. My reasoning for this decision is that many young people are ignorant and don’t care if they are infected with the virus and don’t care about its damage to communities across the globe. I want to educate these individuals using a somewhat edited video because I feel as though this will ensure that it will grab the attention of my targeted audience. I plan to get some sort of video editing software, most likely Adobe Premiere and use it so edit some images and information in without it boring the audience. I will do some edits, however I am not skilled in video editing so I will do with what I can.  What I want to teach to the audience is about how they may be lucky and may have their families in tact even after the outbreak, but some aren’t so lucky. I also want to go over how much chaos is being caused across the United States because of  controversy about wearing masks. I want to educate the viewer on what doctors are also doing to help and to create a vaccine as soon as possible. I plan to create a basis for the video, create some slides but also edit in clips of news reports and interviews with doctors. My only concern with the project is how my video editing process is going to go, I want to create a good looking video and make it look somewhat professional.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Creating videos that really look good can be tricky. As I said in class, you might take a look at some YouTube videos about making good video without a lot of money or fancy software. Premier is great, but it’s got a learning curve that might make it harder. Take a few days, look around, see if anybody in the class leaves you a message, too.

    You can start laying out your information (sticky notes, storyboard, bullet points, etc) while you do that.

    This is a good idea, good target audience because younger people are the ones who need to figure out they’re not immortal and that this actually affects them. Just fyi — I read the other day that child COVID-19 cases have risen over 60% in the past month or so.

    • Zachary F.

      Yeah I agree, I’ll see what I can do, I’m new to video editing so it’s going to be rough

  2. Manesa

    I love it. and your very right about that honestly. i would definitely watch your video because this concerns everyone even our love ones !. you stated “many young people are ignorant and don’t care if they are infected with the virus and don’t care about its damage to communities across the globe” this line has caught my attention because when i’m in public on my way to work i see teenagers with no mask at all just acting like life is as normal as it was. yes they can do whatever they want but at least be a bit concern especially if your going back home you may effect your family members and once someone is that’s when you knew you should’ve followed construction. I think your on the right track your ideas are amazing i can feel that your very into this. You should write down ideas of how you want your video to be set up. like what comes first ? it can be a great image to bring peoples attention. or you can have a background music that gives the audience a mood. and maybe some cool transitions. but besides all of that i’m excited to see your creation and great ideas on this video.

  3. Yuong Huao Ng L. ERMHS19

    I like your idea of making a YouTube video as your genre to deliver your message about COVID-19 to the young group of people who mostly spend a quotient time on YouTube. Also, I personally use Adobe Products and I know that Adobe Premiere Pro and other professionals video editing software need to purchase a license or subscription like FinalCut Pro for mac, mostly this type of software is for the pro-user who makes video for livings. I am a Mac and Windows user, I mostly use OBS free recording and streaming software for games. I also use GarageBand as my editing software for my apple devices but I also use OpenShot editing software to edit videos. If you already have Adobe Suite, that great!!! but if you don’t I hope some of my lists help you. Also, CUNY and CITYTECH offer Windows and Mac virtual computers with equipped professional paid software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite however when you are in one of the academic virtual computers, you do need to sign in to one of the cloud services and download your RAW video file and when you finished editing upload the video back to your cloud services or directly upload your video to YouTube.

  4. Abigail Branch

    Your idea of making a YouTube video informing of the social, economical and global change during COVID-19 captivates me. I admire that even though you are not well experienced in video editing you still accept the challenge and turn it into a learning experience for yourself and as a way to educate people. I think you are on the right track with your audience being the younger generation as they are the future and its very important that they understand the seriousness of this pandemic. Just a suggestion but maybe you could look into the negative influences that some celebrities/ social media influencers had on the younger generation throughout the pandemic. Especially the influencers that continued traveling, going to parties, and refused to wear masks. This is one of reasons why some people in the younger generation are being irresponsible as influencers are viewed as role models. Maybe if there was a way to convince them that what these influencers are doing around this on-going pandemic is inappropriate. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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