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Proposal-Rashed Saikat

For unit 2, I wrote about the coronavirus which is a very interesting topic and I decided to do the same for unit 3. I think it will be a good will be a good idea if I write about coronavirus on unit 3. I will make a poster   about coronavirus because in that way I will be able to spread some important information and awareness throughout my  poster. My intended audience is the general public .  Coronavirus took hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide and many people got sick. I would like to state the total deaths caused by coronavirus,  origin, and how the coronavirus pandemic took millions of jobs etc. I got to experience what it’s like to live in a pandemic. There were no job for 3 consecutive months which also caused a huge financial hardship  and  mental pressure. I will also try to get some key information from my unit 2 annotated bibliography,  which will make the poster  more informative.  I hope I will be able to put all the pieces together and do my best to construct a well informative poster.


  1. Jason Chen

    I like your approach, trying to do either a blog post or a brochure, making a Plan A and then switching to a Plan B if it doesn’t go so well as you initially expected. Some questions I have for your proposal include: do you have in mind where you might upload this blog post to? And what exactly do you plan on talking about for the coronavirus (It’s just a proposal so it’s fine but it’d help if you could be a bit more specific)? And are you going to be working on both a blog post and a brochure simultaneously? A brochure in this case (at least in my opinion) sounds like the easier option to do while conveying the information you may need to do on a blog post. The only concern is having the credibility of the brochure, not backed up by any large, notable, and reliable foundations, making people skeptical of the information (though I wouldn’t worry about that much if everything is just commonly known information). What I found interesting in your proposal though, is how you’re willing to explain to your audience the entire period of the coronavirus, from the start to the current state we live in.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Rashed, Jason’s making good points. If you’re doing a brochure, one way to deal with that issue of credible information is to put on the very back panel something like a link to a website or a phone number, names of groups that are helpful, that kind of thing.

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