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  1. What i would love to teach my audience is that Black lives matter is here for reason. & the reason is for a better change & not continuation of history. for example as i stated in my annotated bibliography with sources such as employment discrimination, racism, and much more and as you can see these sources explains itself  obviously this wasn’t so good for some community’s that had to go through this even colored. These sources i have stated very much explains why i chose this topic and why i would want to continue to talk about in my new genre. i’ll like to reach people by a magazine most likely or social media like apps that most people be on such as Instagram. only because magazines are a good idea but not all kids will grab them when they see it(lol) . so i have to think which one will get both generations attention ? I’m trying to reach people who don’t really 100% support the movement of BLM so from this the genre i will be using is a poem. I think using a poem is very creative especially when it creates a feeling an idea an image and a memorable message. My plan is to use unit 2 as a resource and use techniques from great poem writers and put my own twist in. During creating this project I’m just worry about whether it’s enough. Enough to make sense and audience to see my point but we will never know till i try it !!  poems are so wonderful and can make any idea you think of into a creative piece especially adding an image to catch the eye of an audience. My goal is to make this poem not blind sided and more of a piece where people will get excited to read and contact me on why i wrote it the way i did. 


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This will definitely be enough! I’ve had an idea about audience and reach… See if you can figure out where people might see this. A blog somewhere? In a magazine? Can it be on Instagram, too? I’m thinking perhaps adults who read poetry are probably already convinced about BLM, so getting it to the kids might be your first audience, and then also thinking about other outlets wouldn’t hurt and is something you can put in your Artist’s Statement.

  2. Abigail Branch

    I love that you are doing a poem as a way to reach out to people that do not fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. The connection I made is that the poem you will be doing will be similar to poems written by poets in the Harlem Renaissance movement such as Langston Hughes and Claude Mckay. Poems in this era were used as an artistic way to spread awareness about the hardships Africans Americans faced during the time period such a racial segregation, lack of economic opportunities, bad living conditions and etc. Unfortunately like back then African Americans still face discrimination. Just a suggestion but if you want you could look up poems written by Langston Hughes, Claude Mckay or other Harlem Renaissance poets as a potential source or inspiration for your poem.

    • Jacquelyn Blain

      Those are really nice suggestions! Nesa, I assume you’ve read some of those? They’re great inspiration, and a link to the past (which is always nice to understand).

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