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“Bad Ideas…”- Nevena Vuckovic

  1. It is wrong to start a research paper with a thesis statement because the point of a research paper is to show the reader you have answers or questions to a problem that should be explored. Your goal is to shine a light on one of the many perspectives of a situation.
  2. I am not too comfortable with not finding some answers to my research because I love to dig deeper and always find the answer to a question I’ve been thinking about. If I don’t find the full answer ill find at least half of it.
  3. The way I like to do research is to first start with online. if there are any definitions that I could use in my writing to have the reader understand my topic better. also to write down questions throughout my research so I could learn as much as possible through the process and maybe even add questions to my writing and answer them as I go on.

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  1. Yuong Huao Ng L. ERMHS19

    I like how you mentioned in question 1 that when you start a research paper with a thesis statement, that mean showing the reader that you already have “answers or questions to a problem that should be explored”.

    I like how you mention the idea that you wouldn’t completely doesn’t find answer to your research but at least you will find a partial answer for your argument. That is completely true, you never know in the future there will be clear answer.

    The idea of asking question through out your research, it a great idea to bring the reader attention or put the reader into the position.

    Since you has mentioned that you would use online source as your research references, I suggest to look for the most recent reliable articles and news for your sources. Also look other people research, maybe they have the same topic as your and also ask people who are doing research for the same topic or arguments.

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