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Bad Ideas: Zachary Forkash

  1. What’s wrong with starting research with a thesis statement? When is it okay to start with one?
  2. How comfortable are you with the possibility of never finding “answers” to your research?
  3. How do you do research? What tools and tips do you have/use?
  1.  The one major problem with starting with a thesis statement is that when you make that statement, there is no debate. You act as if there is no argument or other perspectives that are answers to your problems. If you want to make a compelling thesis statement you must first gather your sources and information so that it can seem plausible. Without this extra information, you’re thesis seems hard to follow and unbelievable.
  2. I feel generally uncomfortable when trying to find one singular answer when there can be many that exist. I never believe that there is one and only one answer as there are many factors to keep in mind. Rather than leave it at one “solid” answer, I like to branch out and find other plausible alternatives.
  3.   I like to do my research in a very clear cut manner. I first go online to find out my information and write it down together. I pick out the information that contradicts each other and find out which one makes more sense. I compile all of my research and then I begin to ask questions using the 5 w’s and 1H. I try to answer the questions the best way I can and move on.


  1. Manesa

    I love your technique of how you search your information in order to creat your paper.. i think i will use this. I usually rush to get info sometimes and not think about which info contradicts together. So thank you for this info.

  2. Emel Pejcinovic

    I liked how you said that when starting with your thesis statement there is no debate, Reading this really showed me the deeper meaning behind it. Showing that there is more to a question than just its answer.
    When I’m trying to find an answer I generally end up looking up the answer but finding recourses to back up my statement after that. knowing I have the answers and the facts to back it up as well as vocabulary. although I might be adding some of your strategies

  3. Rashed Saikat

    I definitely feel skeptical about starting a research with thesis first. As you stated when you start with thesis first there’s no debate or argument, which I find very interesting. Even author Vinetta Bell suggests that the thesis writing process begins during the “preliminary research” stage. I also agree with the second question of yours, I would’ve felt the same way as you did. Because as you mentioned there’s always multiple answers to a question but it’s good to add more information or look for an plausible alternatives, which I also agree with. Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find an answer ?
    I also use pretty much same techniques as you when it comes to research. I suggest you can also try writing down all of your notes and research material in a separate folder which can help you construct your research.

  4. Esther Michnik

    I like how your uncomfortable by finding only one answer. I am fine with never finding one answer but I am worried for multiple answers because of the possible contradiction between the two solutions. Can someone be more right then the other? Is it subjective?

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