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Bad Ideas- Jamilet Martinez

  1. What’s wrong with starting research with a thesis statement? When is it okay to start with one?
  • What is wrong with the starting research with the thesis statement is that you will pre-assumed which is harmful. However, there could be other answers that can be found when making a research. When you have formed a thesis statement and have the background information, you can conduct the idea, argument and research.
  1. How comfortable are you with the possibility of never finding “answers” to your research?
  • I am not comfortable with the possibility of never finding the “answers” in my research because it would make me feel like not doing a research paper how I am used to, but I’ll be learning something new in the research which is good.
  1. How do you do research? What tools and tips do you have/use?
  • How I do research since elementary school is the five w’s and the one how. Once I start to answer the questions, I go and do my research to find out my information and write it down together to add more to the five w’s and one h to get a thesis statement.


  1. Manesa

    I agree , you can actually just ruin your research paper if your not careful with a thesis statement! But it does depends how you are or will bring out the IDEA .

    • Rashed Saikat

      I like the way you explained the first question whenever we start writing about something and we presume and try to prove it with sources but if we look for different views, thoughts, which helps us generate new ideas and the research itself gets a stronger standing.

  2. Nevena Vuckovic

    I like your strategy of using what, who, where, why how and when. That is a very good tactic on organizing your information and letting you better understand your sources. Although I don’t use that strategy often I might use it for this research paper! I like how you worded starting research with a thesis statement can be pre-assumed. During extensive research you should never assume and always double check so you’ve made a very important point.

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