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1.What’s wrong with starting research with a thesis statement? When is it okay to start with one?


well starting a a paper with a thesis is basically getting to the point. Giving out your personal opinion. So if so ? What’s the point of doing a research paper ? . Which also can prevent you from demonstrating your amazingly thinking and analytical skills, which you want to show your readers.


on the other hand it’s okay to use it when you are like making a claim which always gives the reader the idea of what she/he will be reading


2.. How comfortable are you with the possibility of never finding “answers” to your research?


Well I’m 50% comfortable depending on what I’m writing about. I can say one of my special skills persuasion. But i wouldn’t say that will work 100% on a research paper because a “research” paper is stated with facts supporting opinions.


3.How do you do research? What tools and tips do you have/use?

GOOGLE. Literally google has it all not everything is facts but if you pay attention you’ll know what link to press!!  But also we have resources such as our classmates and professors even family !!





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  1. Yuong Huao Ng L. ERMHS19

    First I like how you mention that when we start a research with a thesis statement, you basically giving the main point out before even start your research paper and you already give the reader your point of view or giving prophetic future point for your research argument at the beginning and then it is useless to read further because you already concluded your research on the first paragraph.

    I like how you mention about persuasion in a research paper basically asking question or bring up a argument throughout your research paper.

    I want to add some suggestion for your question#3, When you doing research you might want to consider interview people like doctors, scientists, historian, or people who witness at that scene where it take place like for example 9/11 or WW 1/2. Also you might find some really old history or scientific evidence by going into your local library.

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