Extra Credit Assignments

These extra credit assignments are optional.  You may choose to complete all, some, or none of the following assignments.

You may turn in the assignments at any time.  The last day you may submit the assignments is Friday, December 20th by midnight. All extra credit must be submitted on Blackboard and all submissions will be checked for matching by SafeAssign. The matching rate is low (it’s 10%), therefore, make sure you keep everything in your own words. Do not use long quotes and do not copy and paste from other sources, the extra credit assignments are NOT research papers but responses to writings, films, and art work.








Above are the extra credits assignments offered for all my art history survey courses. If you do all, you can add up to 10 points to your final grade average. These are OPTIONAL. It is up to you to complete any extra credit.

For this section ONLY, I will be posting an additional trial extra credit. Therefore for this class, it is possible to earn more than 10 points as noted on the syllabus. This trial assignment is an experimental coding lesson. There are minimal instructions for participation but some points will be given for all attempts.

Extra Credit Option: Try to Code a Pollock Painting!




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