HW#4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa

Based on the New York Times article about the Mona Lina being taken down, I would agree that the 16th-century Italian masterpiece be relocated to a place of its own due to the chaotic overcrowding and disappointed visitors. According to the New York Times article, “The overcrowding was so bad, the museum had to shut its doors on several days.” This proves how it’s negatively impacting museum visitors and the employees of the Louvre. By building a separate place for the Mona Lisa and selling tickets with time sloths for groups of 10-15, can allow visitors from all over the world to a better view of the Mona Lina in a well-organized manner. The space can also provide a selfie booth, through which visitors can download their picture as they leave.

Codey Lorenzana HW 2: Rebuilding Notre Dame

In regards to the extensive undertaking of rebuilding Notre Dame, I feel that it should be kept gothic. Before I explaining my stance, I would however like to point out and address how rebuilding the cathedral to be the same as it was before might be harder than making a new due to the full extent of damage being unknown. This combined with the fact that the stone and materials are hard to replace create quite an arduous task. But with all this being said, I simply can’t find myself agreeing with a total modernization of the architecture and design as seen in some of the concept photos. That Disney like reimagining shouldn’t be applied to something particularly rich in history; some of which is spiritual. I feel a middle ground should be met that involves keeping the gothic artistry and history of the structure while updating it in more practical hidden ways to make sure its greatly more supported for today’s world.