HW2: How would you rebuild a Gothic Church?

After finishing the article on the reconstruction and restoration of Notre Dame I believe that the church should be rebuilt with a mixture of historical and modern methods. Since the restoration of Notre Dame has already attracted many donations, within days of the fire being put out an estimated $1 billion dollars has been pledged to the church’s restoration. The money that has pledged could go to supporting the dying art of stonemasonry while also giving those who still practice it, in France, a big contract and a chance to help restore one of their countries oldest landmark. The stonemasons would restore the church in the traditional style, using specially treated stones that are fire resistant. The reconstruction would be assisted by modern machinery to help speed up the process.

One thought on “HW2: How would you rebuild a Gothic Church?”

  1. Although a piece of history has been forever destroyed, there can be a way to replicate the original lost historical sight. Even if it will takes many years to rebuild the Catholic Church, we have enough technology and architectural techniques to be able to rebuild, restructure and replicate. It would be very important to understand the history of how the Catholic Church was built and what methods were used to create such a beautiful piece of architectural art. I believe that using the fire resistant stones are a very important aspect to use because of the fact that it can prevent the Catholic Church from burning a second time.

    $1 billion dollars is more than enough money to able to restore the church, so that it can return to being the historical masterpiece that it was once before.

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