HW#4 Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

In my opinion, I think that the Mona Lisa is an evergreen work of art, so it should not be kept hidden from the world. By reading the NY Times article I found out that most of the visitors at the Louvre come to see the Mona Lisa only, but they leave disappointed and also I read that in a poll about 80% of British people think that it is the “world’s most disappointing attraction”. I think they are not saying this based on the look of the work of art itself, they are only giving this bad rating because of the long lines and overcrowded halls that they had to experience in the process of viewing it.

I have been studying about this work of art by Da Vinci since I was only in 3rd grade or nine years old, in India. So you can understand to what extent people around the world must be curious to see this work of art in person! Mona Lisa is not the problem in my opinion, as many people really want to see it, its not like its an obligation to go and see it if you visit the Louvre, People go there because they actually want to see it, but they want to see it in from close, because honestly we all should get to see the art in order to appreciate its beauty in the first place! People don’t seem to value it anymore because this is what they think, “So you’re telling me that, I will have to stand in a longggg line to see that painting which I practically can’t even see from near? and on top of that I will have to be waiting for about an hour in a hall crowded as hell? No way!! Who has time and patience for all that?”

So I think its not the fault of the Mona Lisa, its not that its something which is not worth the hype, its just that people feel robbed (in terms of experience and money both) as they travel from all different parts of the world, spend so much money to see this specific work of art at the Louvre, but the terrible viewing experience that they get is what breaks their heart and they feel like they are not getting something worth their buck and time!

So to solve this problem, I would suggest that the painting should be moved, but NOT in a storage or something as it would be equivalent of disrespecting this art piece, instead they should actually build a separate area for just this painting so the rest of the Louvre visitors can watch other works of art at peace and also Mona Lisa lovers get to see the art from near and get to take cool pictures around it or with it!