HW#4 Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

In my opinion, I think that the Mona Lisa is an evergreen work of art, so it should not be kept hidden from the world. By reading the NY Times article I found out that most of the visitors at the Louvre come to see the Mona Lisa only, but they leave disappointed and also I read that in a poll about 80% of British people think that it is the “world’s most disappointing attraction”. I think they are not saying this based on the look of the work of art itself, they are only giving this bad rating because of the long lines and overcrowded halls that they had to experience in the process of viewing it.

I have been studying about this work of art by Da Vinci since I was only in 3rd grade or nine years old, in India. So you can understand to what extent people around the world must be curious to see this work of art in person! Mona Lisa is not the problem in my opinion, as many people really want to see it, its not like its an obligation to go and see it if you visit the Louvre, People go there because they actually want to see it, but they want to see it in from close, because honestly we all should get to see the art in order to appreciate its beauty in the first place! People don’t seem to value it anymore because this is what they think, “So you’re telling me that, I will have to stand in a longggg line to see that painting which I practically can’t even see from near? and on top of that I will have to be waiting for about an hour in a hall crowded as hell? No way!! Who has time and patience for all that?”

So I think its not the fault of the Mona Lisa, its not that its something which is not worth the hype, its just that people feel robbed (in terms of experience and money both) as they travel from all different parts of the world, spend so much money to see this specific work of art at the Louvre, but the terrible viewing experience that they get is what breaks their heart and they feel like they are not getting something worth their buck and time!

So to solve this problem, I would suggest that the painting should be moved, but NOT in a storage or something as it would be equivalent of disrespecting this art piece, instead they should actually build a separate area for just this painting so the rest of the Louvre visitors can watch other works of art at peace and also Mona Lisa lovers get to see the art from near and get to take cool pictures around it or with it!

What’s on your Thanksgiving Plate?

So just like very year we were invited to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving as she invited about 30 to 40 closefamilies of our community to her mansion in Valley Stream, New York every year! So just like every year, even this year she did a “one dish” party/ contest which means to participate every family brings in at least one of their famous family recepies/dishes and then everyone eats and decides who wins the contest for the best dish/recipie

  • The one one the upper left (red) is called “Chicken Satay” which is known to be a very famous appitiezer back in Mumbai, India.
  • The one on the upper right is called, “Tikka Biriyani” which is a Mughlai dish also very famous in India and Pakistan.
  • The one on the bottom is called, “Memoni Dhokre” which is a dish that is made especially during winter time as it is good for the body to eat a healthy and warm gravy with beans , this was also the dish for which my Mom won the first prize for “Best Dish 2019” in our community as you can see her trophy in the lower left of the collage!

HW#2 Notre Dame Reconstructed

Originally I felt like Nortre Dame must be restored exactly the way it was before the horrific incident but now that I’ve read the whole article and seen some of the modern presentations of Notre Dame, I think they should consider making it not totally modern but they should also go with the majority as 55% of French population which have voted for it to be restored in the old Gothic form. But hey, its 2019, and I think that they should really consider using some modern techniques for building up the church again. I totally agree with the fact that a nation’s pride is in its rich historic monuments so I think they should keep it Gothic style but also make use of modern technology while building the church once again just like how our Empire State Building is made up of material which is earthquake resistant, so that it can be stronger than ever and resist any tragic natural calamities. I feel awful for all the amazing artwork that they lost in the fire, but also they have secured most of the relics so I think they should display it like before. I personally liked the design of reconstruction of Notre Dame by Alexander Fantozzi, have a  look! Alexander Fantozzi’s Reconstruction Idea

How evil was Commodus? by Musarat Merchant

I am utterly disgusted after read this article, this man is beyond the definition of “evil” in my opinion. Commodus has done the evilest things that one can ever imagine! First he thinks of him as a God and makes forces people to treat him like one. He is highly delusional about his pathetic self. If I was living in his reign of terror, I’d much rather prefer to die instead of living in a hell that he created for the people back in his day.
He brutally killed every other being for the most stupidest reasons. And many times he killed people just beacuse they were attractive or nobles. He named his minions after sexual parts of both men and women, which I think is very very disrespectful. I even hated the part where he slit opened someone’s stomach and gushed out the intestines. He has poked someone’s eye, he has cut people’s arms and legs, he has tortured bare breasts of women and what not. I wonder if there’s even a rank in the actual hell for a human being – such disgusting?