HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa? – by: Garnet Garcia

I laughed when I saw the author of the New York Times article describe the outside line as “TSA style” because when I went to Paris this summer and saw the Louvre, that’s exactly what it looked like. I didn’t go inside because I wanted nothing to do with that enormous line and I had other things I wanted to see, however recalling that moment makes me agree with the author of the NYT article. If 80% of that line was just there to see the Mona Lisa, then that was really sad. Museums are meant to show more than one thing and if everyone’s flocking around only one painting it’s going to get extremely annoying. Of course people are leaving there unsatisfied; it’s like going shopping on Black Friday but all you’re getting is a not so good picture of an image that’s not much bigger than a letter sized sheet of paper. I think it’s necessary for the Louvre to put the Mona Lisa somewhere else. While I do understand it’s importance in art history, I don’t think its right for the art to monopolize the attention of visitors when there are so many other grand works of art in the same building. If people are going there out of obligation as opposed to understanding and appreciation, then you’ve missed the point of the art in general.

Daisy Xia: HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

In my opinion I believe that the Mona Lisa should be taken down. I of course don’t mean forever I believe that the Mona Lisa should be taken down for a period of time maybe for a couple of years and then put back up again for a short while before going into storage once again. I believe this because from reading the article and on a more personal opinion I can tell that the people come to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa is not even interested in seeing it. They just want to take selfies to prove that they saw it and get out as quickly as possible since its so crowded. Also the Louvre talks about how there are so many people that they even had to shut down it for a couple of days. In addition the article states people criticize the Mona Lisa questioning what’s so special about this painting. I feel if we take down the Mona Lisa for a while people might appreciate it a little more after not being able to see it. Of course people will still be able to study it since it is all over the internet and in books and many copies of it is sold everywhere.

HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

Crowds in Louvre Museum surrounding Mona Lisa painting
Crowds trying to glimpse Leonardo’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, photo by Max Fercondini via Wikimedia Commons.

For the last homework of the semester, please read this recent article in the New York Times about the overcrowding situation in the Louvre Museum, where Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa is stored. The photos show people waiting in lines and crowds in front of the painting. Do you think it’s time to put the Mona Lisa in storage? Or perhaps move it to its own space outside of the museum?

Read the NYT article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/06/arts/design/mona-lisa-louvre-overcrowding.html

Write a short 100-word post on your views about the article and your opinion of Leonardo’s painting.  Please only check the category #studentHW.

This homework is due on the LAST DAY of class, Monday, December 16th midnight, the same day as the FINAL EXAM.

HW#2 : How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

There was an immediate backlash against many of the ideas proposed for the Notre-Dame rebuild, especially with a modern touch and/or style. I, for one, think this is a great opportunity to link the past to the present. It is not rare in our history for structures to be damaged and have to be rebuilt which prompts someone to bring in the styles of the time. Some of the most interesting architecture in the world is a combination of multiple cultures and times coming together over the need to fix the damaged parts. There are certain designs that I would never stand for, such as Vizum Atelier’s “Lightweight Crown” which is a not only a hideous mismatch but just looks like a gaudy, glorified satellite tower that stretches up way too far, however I believe it is possible to implement certain aesthetics of the Gothic times and integrate them with modern technology and values. Take Vincent Callebaut’s “Biomimetic Forest”; with a few tweaks in the structural frame, the design could reflect a more harmonious reflection of the existing and well known architectural aesthetics while remaining a beautiful greenhouse exhibition. Even if the forest itself is seen as a distraction (which is understandable as a concern), I believe a touch of modernism would be an excellent addition, instead of holding on too tightly to the past when there’s still so much of it left in the remaining church. I do believe this harmony can be achieved with careful consideration and empathy towards the French people who see the cathedral as a symbol and want to respect the past.

Olando Alexis – How would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

After the unexpected and horrible fire of Paris’s Cathedral of Notre Dame on April 15th 2019, there has been an ongoing argument on how the destroyed cathedral should be rebuilt. Also, after reading the the article and hearing opinions on both sides, I honestly believe that the cathedral should be rebuilt back to its original form. Since the original way the building was built would probably be hard or difficult to replicate, I believe that they should try to replicate the important aspects of it such as the roof and the walls. I also believe that they should also insert some modern construction so that the building could be stronger and be able to handle or prevent disasters such as another fire.

Sabiha Begum – How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

Based on the reading and my research, I believe that the French should rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral with the incorporation of modern architecture and technology. After the fire, the Notre Dame is still in danger of collapsing,  therefore some parts of the architecture need to be modernized while keeping is Gothic features as much as possible. With the architectural knowledge and technology available these days, the Notre Dame can be rebuilt with better materials that will be able to withstand any other type of casualty in the future.

Kate Chand – How Would You Rebuild A Gothic Church?

After the destructive fire of Paris’s Cathedral of Notre Dame on April 15th 2019, there has been much controversy about the reconstruction of the roof of the Cathedral that has been destroyed. The debate is between restoring the Cathedral to it’s original form or rebuilding it in a more modern day style. I personally believe that the Cathedral’s roof should be rebuilt to it’s gothic style theme with a little modern touch but must be approved by the French government and it’s population. I think that the Cathedral is apart of France’s history, culture, and religion and should be rebuilt according to France’s standards. Although there is mixed opinions and already ideas for the reconstruction, I think it depends on how the people of France feels. Even though my opinion is to restore the Cathedral to it’s true gothic style with some modern touches, I respect France’s demands and wishes and will be fine with whatever they desire and plan for the esteemed Cathedral.

Daisy Xia- HW2: How Would You Rebuild a Gothic Church?

I believe that the Notre Dame Cathedral should be rebuilt in the same gothic style as before. I think that what makes the Notre Dame so unique and amazing is that it is supposed to be something from a long time ago in an architectural style that is different from modern times. If they put a modern twist on it. The Notre Dame might lose some of its antiquity feel for it.  I also think that if they add a modern twist to it. It won’t feel like one whole piece and will feel like different parts put together since the rest of the church is a gothic style and the burned part that is newly remodeled will be modern and it won’t flow with the rest of the building.

HW2: How Would You Rebuild a Gothic Church?

After reading the article and hearing opinions from both sides, I think the Notre Dame should be rebuilt the same way. This is due to the fact that if the fire had never happened, there would be no need to change it. No one was thinking of changing it before hand because the design and architecture became apart of Paris’ culture, history, and a religion. It should be rebuilt with the same design as before but the way it’s rebuilt should be updated to make it more sturdy and safe. This would help prevent another tragedy like this from happening.

Doma G: How Would You Rebuild a Gothic Church?

The Notre-Dame Cathedral remains a Gothic church notable for its flying buttresses and gorgeous stained-glass windows. I believe the Cathedral should be restored to what it originally looked like. This 13th-century landmark represents a significant example of Gothic architecture, and it shouldn’t be modernized. I do understand that many architects possess ideas to modernize it but it should be restored to its primary features. After examining the images made by architects of what the outcome could be, I almost had a change of heart. The ideas they express are incredible, but I believe adding those modern touches changes the spirit of Notre Dame like what Garzuel stated in the article.