Extra Credit Option: Try to Code a Pollock Painting!

Try to Code a Pollock Painting  for 1 to 5 extra credit points

This supplementary extra credit is meant to test a new coding module. You may receive any where from 1 to 5 extra credits points for your attempts to complete this experimental module. This is not a test rather your attempt to use the module helps me test its effectiveness. All attempts will receive at least 1 point (see step 6).  This extra credit also serves as a follow up to the short lesson on Abstract Expressionism Jackson Pollock’s drip technique.

  1. Log in to Pathway2Go.com: http://www.pathway2code.com/
    1. Class: c216
    2. Your Login is the first letter of your first name with your last name
      1. i.e., the ID for Sandra Cheng is scheng
    3. Password is durer
  2. Go to Exercises -> Assignments – Pollock Extra Credit
  3. Read the instructions on the left panel under “Pollock Painting Generation”
    1. This will offer basic instructions on how to make changes
  4. Generate 3 different Pollock paintings with at least 2 of the following changes
    1. Change the pen colors
    2. Change the background color
    3. Increase or decrease but at least 50 times the number of drips, splotches, etc.
  5. After each generated version, click the RUN button to see what your new Pollock painting looks like and then click SAVE, and SUBMIT (each version of a Pollock painting will receive points-up to 3 versions please!)
  6. Tell me what you think of the extra credit. Email me (scheng@citytech.cuny.edu) OR submit a short note on Blackboard under Submit Extra Credit here. Your reflection does not have to be long. I would like to hear from you whether the directions make sense and if the exercise is useful/interesting/stupid/mindblowing/etc. Does this help you think about coding and computers differently? Does this help you think about art differently? If you can’t get the module to work, describe what you managed to do and I’ll give you a point for your efforts.
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