Bethelie Rivera: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

The “Mona Lisa” is a widely known artwork. However, it’s gotten to a point where the painting becomes overrated and becomes much more than what it may seem. As iconic as the art piece is, along with its creator Leonardo da Vinci, it should be seen for people who actually have a strong and passionate feelings towards artwork. In the article, the author mentions how the Louvre’s other artworks are overshadowed and gets depreciate by the “Mona Lisa”. In my own opinion, I agree with the author of the article and feel as though the “Mona Lisa” should be to relocate to a place where it does not take the charm of other artworks and create an atmosphere where people who love art and want to view such an iconic piece in peace without the line being so tremors and houses more than 5,000 people in one place. There are plenty of other beautiful artworks to be seen and appreciated that is not as well known. Moving the “Mona Lisa” to a place where it stands alone and not with other art works, leaves customers who wanted to just see the paint by itself satisfied, along with other art lovers being able to appreciate the painting, while also appreciating the rest.

Codey Lorenzana HW4: The Mona Lisa

In regards to my feelings about the Mona Lisa, i’m not that passionate about it. I recognize it as an iconic art piece that stands out from its time as well as the fame of it and its creator. However, it is kinda staggering to see how blown out of proportion the art work is. In the article the Mona Lisa’s presence alone devalues the other art present in the Louvre and creates a mess of problems for the museum and visitors. In my opinion, I agree with the article and feel that the smartest thing to do would be to relocate the painting to its own housing/exhibit area so that it doesn’t negatively affect all the other valuable work in the world and can maybe someday be recognized as something not all that.

HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa? – by: Garnet Garcia

I laughed when I saw the author of the New York Times article describe the outside line as “TSA style” because when I went to Paris this summer and saw the Louvre, that’s exactly what it looked like. I didn’t go inside because I wanted nothing to do with that enormous line and I had other things I wanted to see, however recalling that moment makes me agree with the author of the NYT article. If 80% of that line was just there to see the Mona Lisa, then that was really sad. Museums are meant to show more than one thing and if everyone’s flocking around only one painting it’s going to get extremely annoying. Of course people are leaving there unsatisfied; it’s like going shopping on Black Friday but all you’re getting is a not so good picture of an image that’s not much bigger than a letter sized sheet of paper. I think it’s necessary for the Louvre to put the Mona Lisa somewhere else. While I do understand it’s importance in art history, I don’t think its right for the art to monopolize the attention of visitors when there are so many other grand works of art in the same building. If people are going there out of obligation as opposed to understanding and appreciation, then you’ve missed the point of the art in general.

HW4: Is it time to take down the Mona Lisa?

I do believe that it is time to take down the Mona Lisa. According to the New York Times article, 80% of the 10 million visitors to the Musee du Louvre only go to see the Mona Lisa and end up disappointed. People now feel obligated to go see the Mona Lisa, which simply shouldn’t be the case when it is only one piece out of da Vinci’s entire life’s work. In a museum full of iconic art pieces like the Venus de Milo, the crowding is not only a security hazard but frankly, insulting. The size of the crowds that form to see the Mona Lisa has caused the painting to be moved several times, placed behind a several-inch thick glass box, security lines and cause the museum to close down; as iconic as the piece is, in both pop culture and art history, the measures taken to keep the piece on display simply aren’t worth it. It should be retired indefinitely, so that the Musee du Louvre can finally breathe.

Doma G: HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum located in Paris, France. The Mona Lisa created by Leonardo Da Vinci has been gaining so much attention recently. The Louvre Museum contains many artworks, but only the Mona Lisa gallery gains the most attraction which has become a safety hazard. I believe it’s time for the Mona Lisa to be moved to its own space rather than taking it down. According to the article, “80 percent of the visitors are here for the Mona Lisa and most of them leave unhappy.” This is because the place is overcrowded with people and they have difficulty observing the painting. The Mona Lisa is a very popular artwork and there are tons of people who have yet to see it in person, therefore it shouldn’t be taken down. The best alternative is to create a space just for the Mona Lisa and limit the amount of people allowed in. This way everyone can get a close up look at the painting and not have to push each other. The more organized they are, the better the experience will be. Mona Lisa has been voted the world’s most disappointing attraction this year and that should change.

Garnet Garcia – HW3: What’s On Your Thanksgiving Plate?

This was the first time I made brownies for Thanksgiving!! It was really fun and my little sisters helped. My father made sweet plantain and bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Apparently, he made this for his dad’s 50th birthday back in the 70s or 80s and this was his first time making the dish since, so that was really special to me.