HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?

Crowds in Louvre Museum surrounding Mona Lisa painting
Crowds trying to glimpse Leonardo’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, photo by Max Fercondini via Wikimedia Commons.

For the last homework of the semester, please read this recent article in the New York Times about the overcrowding situation in the Louvre Museum, where Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa is stored. The photos show people waiting in lines and crowds in front of the painting. Do you think it’s time to put the Mona Lisa in storage? Or perhaps move it to its own space outside of the museum?

Read the NYT article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/06/arts/design/mona-lisa-louvre-overcrowding.html

Write a short 100-word post on your views about the article and your opinion of Leonardo’s painting.  Please only check the category #studentHW.

This homework is due on the LAST DAY of class, Monday, December 16th midnight, the same day as the FINAL EXAM.

One thought on “HW4: Is It Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa?”

  1. The Mona Lisa is an artwork like many, and it is one of the greatest artworks ever made in human history. When you look into that painting, you’re not only looking into that painting but also into the historical time period of artwork. Although I do believe that the Mona Lisa needs to be placed in a much wider place, it should never be secluded from the public. The artwork is one of many famous artworks that have changed the course of what paintings are today. People may believe that it’s overrated though I beg to differ. In modern times it’s easier to say that the artwork is overrated because of the amount of artworks today that others would say are arguably better, however the Mona Lisa was made during one of the most artistically valuable times in human history. An artwork does not need to be anything special to be famous if it’s made in such an important art period.

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