Codey Lorenzana HW4: The Mona Lisa

In regards to my feelings about the Mona Lisa, i’m not that passionate about it. I recognize it as an iconic art piece that stands out from its time as well as the fame of it and its creator. However, it is kinda staggering to see how blown out of proportion the art work is. In the article the Mona Lisa’s presence alone devalues the other art present in the Louvre and creates a mess of problems for the museum and visitors. In my opinion, I agree with the article and feel that the smartest thing to do would be to relocate the painting to its own housing/exhibit area so that it doesn’t negatively affect all the other valuable work in the world and can maybe someday be recognized as something not all that.

Codey Lorenzana HW 2: Rebuilding Notre Dame

In regards to the extensive undertaking of rebuilding Notre Dame, I feel that it should be kept gothic. Before I explaining my stance, I would however like to point out and address how rebuilding the cathedral to be the same as it was before might be harder than making a new due to the full extent of damage being unknown. This combined with the fact that the stone and materials are hard to replace create quite an arduous task. But with all this being said, I simply can’t find myself agreeing with a total modernization of the architecture and design as seen in some of the concept photos. That Disney like reimagining shouldn’t be applied to something particularly rich in history; some of which is spiritual. I feel a middle ground should be met that involves keeping the gothic artistry and history of the structure while updating it in more practical hidden ways to make sure its greatly more supported for today’s world.

Codey Lorenzana HW1: Commodus

Commodus is an interesting figure to say the least. Not because of anything great he did but because of the constant insanities he took part in. From the biography it is made apparent that he is nothing short of a sociopath who delights in the humiliation of others and takes pride in himself. Such can be seen as he binds men who can hardly walk and has them slither as it makes him feel tall to which he would kill them. His torturing of others wouldn’t end there as he would kill and maim people for fun; either playing surgeon or because he didn’t like them. Curiously part of the evils he did involved defiling other religious practices or killing followers of other gods. Additionally he had people see him as great and above everyone. Relating the text to the statue of him it would seem that his ego was on full display as he would make a habit of putting his name amongst great figures while switching it with heroes like Hercules. From what can be inferred by his past habits, he believed himself divine wanting to be the only one worshipped as such and resorted to making a mockery of other followings. Commodus was a truly evil man and I am lead to believe that the statues he had built of himself were to have you think him grand and heroic otherwise.