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Reflections #4: RECAPing Auld Irishtown

I was very pleased to encounter Loingsigh’s writing. It was intriguing to follow up with this article having read the Smithsonian’s “Whiskey Wars” prior to this. Loingsigh’s article has put the Whiskey Wars in context of a greater history, while tracing the trajectory of Irish history within Vinegar Hill. His mode of research was based off of several strategies, one of which was the experiences of his grandmother, who was a primary source at hand. The layers he discovered are native to his homeland, which is not a common experience in the melting pot of New York City.

In regards to the RECAP evaluation, This article was relevant for our previous readings, and for our site visits as well. Loingsigh’s expertise is apparent in his writing style, as he is planning to write 3 books based on this historicĀ matter. Loingsigh gives the reader a large window, which tells us that his idea of tracing history was inspired by the early stories of his grandparents (early 20th century) to recent research he as uncovered in the past decade (the articles on the White Hand Gang, and Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York). His grandparents serve as primary sources, while his research conducted within Municipal Archives on Chambers Street and New York Times articles whichĀ also proves to be primary and secondary sources. The purpose of this article was to inform readers both about the author’s upcoming works, and to offer a new range of information which was undocumented on Irishtown’s history. Loingsigh stresses the loss of information on Irishtown, how it was not charted as a territory, but exists through the experience of others.


Homework #3 Rabbit Hole

Just sitting in front of the computer, you never know what lurks behind that glass screen. The simple stroke of letters on the keyboard and the click on “enter” takes you to a different dimension of the inside of the computer world. What awaits and what pops up never ceases to amaze us.Ā I often find myself in this same exact scenario, where Iā€™m trying to research a certain topic and often get side tracked by a lurking headline that gets my attention and steer me away from my research. I get caught up and carried away and it takes me forever to finish an assignment because Iā€™m reading articles on topics that is irrelevant to my assignment. Ā I honestly believe what we need is discipline, focus and concentration. Itā€™s so easy to get carried away on the internet, with our eyes and mind glued to the screen for hours, our fingers just clicking away and the world around us doesnā€™t seem to exist for a while.Ā 

Reflections #3: Rabbit Holes

The idea of a virtual world, or virtual sphere is clearly explored through the wikigalaxy. While theoretical, wikigalaxy also uses information a map out different articles to each other. By nature, and as described by this article, I sometimes find myself scrambling through various articles of different subjects through links and various sources. It’s fun to see this phenomenon in 3 dimensions, whereas a web page feels much more like a 2 dimensional interface.

I wonder what would happen if we suddenly decide to change search engines to look like this. Would we begin to lose focus, and thus follow rabbit holes? Or will we be driven by how links look like, rather than the use of keywords?

War On Taxes, Reflection # 2

After reading this article, another article just pooped up in my head, which i was reading almost two weeks ago. Here is the linkĀ Today situation on Taxes, it feels like nothing changed. All that rich people who were not paying taxes in 1870 they are still not paying in 2016. Rich person is getting richer and richer and poor are getting poorer. I think this problem will never end until corruption ends, because as long as there’s a demand for the end product, there will always be a person, group or loose alliance looking to profit legally or illegally off of the wanted items.

Reflection #2: The Whiskey Wars That Left Brooklyn in Ruins

This article helped clarify the relationship between taxation and criminalization.Ā Reminscent of the Boston Tea Party, the idea of tax for businesses such as distilleries induced a criminal like lifestyle. Despite it’s legality, the sudden tax increase of alcohol was quite absurd,Ā Ā from $2 – $30. That amount (equivalent in today’s terms) was enough to send Irishtown, or what was Vinegar Hill “over the hills”, whereby the creation of an underground ring for importing and exporting liquor feasible. Irishtown was conveniently located next to a port, which was perfect for smuggling. Street gangs, sailors and smugglers were born, as corruption rings in the police force were also apparent.

The presence of corruption did not limit itself to Vinegar Hill, but instead showed itself to be a prime example here. Allegations were found as far the White House, which makes the readerĀ understand the breadth and urgency of taxation. I found this article not only to be entertaining and informative, but as a great piece to commemorate Vinegar Hill’s rich history. However, I’m a little disappointed in how the author summarized the deterioration of the Irishtown ring, as I wish Dalzell was more descriptive about it. Also, I wish Dalzell included more forms of documentation within the article (i.e Whiskey labels, distillery images, maps of the raids etc.)


Brooklyn neighborhood Reflection 1 on Vinegar Hill, Rambo, Dumbo and Downtown.

First article about vinegar hill was really eye opener for me, i felt ashamed because i didn’t know about vinegar hill at all till now. At least Ā now i know that where i am living right now was also part of vinegar hill. Second thing i learned from these article is about new neighborhood rambo, i never heard this before, surprisingly i am living in brooklyn since 2009. Its just so amazing to me that every neighborhood is totally different from one another, that is the one thing i really love about brooklyn, for example i live in Midwood once i went to Bushwick and i thought i am in different state, unfortunately i was still in brooklyn. These articles really showed what i had in my mind about the rich diversity of Brooklyn.

Reflection #1: Brooklyn – Downtown, Vinegar Hill and DUMBO

While the urbanization and gentrification of Brooklyn, particularly DUMBO has been apparent in the past decade, I was pleased to find such an array of rich history in the borough of Brooklyn in these articles.Ā I was intrigued by the historical background of Brooklyn, asĀ the name originated from the “Breukelen” (Dutch) settlement. Other familiar names were present, such as Boswijck, (Bushwick) and Gravesende (Gravesend) both of which were dutch towns in the 17th century. TheĀ nameĀ Canarsie was also present in the Vinegar Hill article, as Canarsee Indians prior to the colonial era.

The Brooklyn page is the most informative, as it offers extensive information on the Colonial Era, Post colonial Era, Government and Politics, Demographics, Attractions etc. That page is the most comprehensive, whereas both Vinegar Hill and Dumbo were a little short in terms of demographics and use. I also wish that there were more historical maps included in these articles (I was surprised to find that the Downtown Brooklyn page excluded a map)