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Hw # 7 GIS post

This article definitely gives you an appreciation for the growth of technology. The birth of the Geographic Information System (GIS) has been a tremendous help in urban planning and design. There’s so much one can accomplish by using this amazing technology. It allows one to gather data from different sources to get all types of work done. I must admit I have never heard about GIS before reading this article nor did I know what GIS meant. This article has given me a better understanding of GIS and the types of companies that benefit the most from using it. Research institutions, environmental scientists, health organizations, land use planners, businesses, and government agencies uses GIS to develop and enrich our communities making it a better and safe environment for everyone.

HW # 6

I discovered during 1776- 1820 in Vinegar Hill there was not much technology available in the community. During those time people found it difficult to create and construct new projects for the community such as buildings, schools, and parks. There were no resources or equipment available to store or save materials and documents such as blueprint of buildings and important government documents. It was very hard to capture things because people did not have the proper writing materials and resources to grasp the view and different scenario that was happening during that time. However, I found out what people did to compensate for their lack of resources was drew on maps in specific areas to store important information. These maps were very few and limited because they did not have the technology to duplicate them.


The information we were unable to capture was the farm plot shown on the old maps. We will be able to access these documents by visiting the library archives and requesting the specific documents or though the internet where it is more easy and convenient. Other information that was not available to view was the State Documents that show the development of Urban Renewal and the people who started it. I believe the reason these document were not available is because they got damage or destroyed over a period of time, making it difficult to keep together and display in the library archives or posted on the internet.


Homework#5 Archives

This article definitely has a lot of in depth and historic information regarding the creation of important roads, tunnels, highways, parks and bridges around New York City. Many of us, including myself, are sometimes guilty of not paying much attention to the bridges that connect boroughs and states, or roads and tunnels that gets us from place to place. It’s easy to take these little things for granted as we go about our everyday lives. But thanks to the New York Public Library for collecting and archiving such important and historic information for us so we are able to have an understanding and appreciation for all these incredible paths around us.

Robert Moses work and information were changed after a period of time. His papers were filed alphabetically by subject and others were filed chronological. The materials used to archive his work and life achievements were personal correspondence, speeches, press releases, reports, magazine and newspaper clippings and blue prints. These resources are easy to access through the internet and the New York Public Library archive by filling out a request form to view documents with specific dates, time frame and segments.

Homework#4: Applying RECAP

I would say Loingsigh definitely used the RECAP criteria in his research about the Irish community. He surely proved his grandparent’s story to be true and accurate with current and updated information he researched. After reading Loingsigh’s article the first thing that came to my mind was how the Irish was connected to Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill, the Navy Yard, Brooklyn Heights know as DUMBO and the Whiskey War that begun in 1869. We have also used the RECAP criteria in our research to get to this point of learning about the Irish community that played such a significant part in the history of these famous places in Brooklyn.

Homework #3 Rabbit Hole

Just sitting in front of the computer, you never know what lurks behind that glass screen. The simple stroke of letters on the keyboard and the click on “enter” takes you to a different dimension of the inside of the computer world. What awaits and what pops up never ceases to amaze us. I often find myself in this same exact scenario, where I’m trying to research a certain topic and often get side tracked by a lurking headline that gets my attention and steer me away from my research. I get caught up and carried away and it takes me forever to finish an assignment because I’m reading articles on topics that is irrelevant to my assignment.  I honestly believe what we need is discipline, focus and concentration. It’s so easy to get carried away on the internet, with our eyes and mind glued to the screen for hours, our fingers just clicking away and the world around us doesn’t seem to exist for a while.