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This article definitely has a lot of in depth and historic information regarding the creation of important roads, tunnels, highways, parks and bridges around New York City. Many of us, including myself, are sometimes guilty of not paying much attention to the bridges that connect boroughs and states, or roads and tunnels that gets us from place to place. It’s easy to take these little things for granted as we go about our everyday lives. But thanks to the New York Public Library for collecting and archiving such important and historic information for us so we are able to have an understanding and appreciation for all these incredible paths around us.

Robert Moses work and information were changed after a period of time. His papers were filed alphabetically by subject and others were filed chronological. The materials used to archive his work and life achievements were personal correspondence, speeches, press releases, reports, magazine and newspaper clippings and blue prints. These resources are easy to access through the internet and the New York Public Library archive by filling out a request form to view documents with specific dates, time frame and segments.

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  1. Nora Almeida

    This archival collection might be a resource if you decide to focus on Urban Renewal era and some of the ways that transit and housing projects altered the landscape of downtown Brooklyn from the 1930s-1950s. This collection might serve as a good supplement to NYC.gov resources since Moses was involved in decision making and PR behind TBTA and public housing projects.


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