HW # 6

I discovered during 1776- 1820 in Vinegar Hill there was not much technology available in the community. During those time people found it difficult to create and construct new projects for the community such as buildings, schools, and parks. There were no resources or equipment available to store or save materials and documents such as blueprint of buildings and important government documents. It was very hard to capture things because people did not have the proper writing materials and resources to grasp the view and different scenario that was happening during that time. However, I found out what people did to compensate for their lack of resources was drew on maps in specific areas to store important information. These maps were very few and limited because they did not have the technology to duplicate them.


The information we were unable to capture was the farm plot shown on the old maps. We will be able to access these documents by visiting the library archives and requesting the specific documents or though the internet where it is more easy and convenient. Other information that was not available to view was the State Documents that show the development of Urban Renewal and the people who started it. I believe the reason these document were not available is because they got damage or destroyed over a period of time, making it difficult to keep together and display in the library archives or posted on the internet.


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