Midterm: The Changing Landscape of Vinegar Hill


The American Revolution Started in 1775 and lasted up until 1783, when a peace treaty with the British was signed. At this time the United States were establishing themselves as an independent power and doing away with British customs. The United Stated seized land from many people who sided with the British, leading to an opportunity for the Sands brothers.Vinegar Hill has a rich history and has gone through many changes over the years. What is now known as Vinegar Hill today, is situated from Front street to the waterfront and from Bridge street to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Vinegar Hill has experienced the most change in between the time periods of 1780 and 1830, transitioning from farmland to a grid plan. Vinegar Hill and surrounding areas like Dumbo and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, have experienced heavy waterfront development.This leads to questions critical to Vinegar Hills’ development. Where is the natural waterline located, in comparison to today? What maps existed in between these time periods  and what was their purpose? What are rope walks? Why did the U.S. Navy choose Wallabout Bay?

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