Reflective Photo Journal #14

Sometimes people are accomplishing many goals without feeling proud of themselves. For example, May 11th was my Disney College Program graduation, and until then, was when I realized how amazing was to receive a certificate from WDW. I was telling my friend Ambar that we should be more proud of ourselves because not everyone gets a certificate from a worldwide known company like WDW.

Throughout my experiences I have learned that everything in life has its price and its sacrifices. Being in the Walt Disney College Program has been a challenge for me because of the high standards that they have is incredible. And we as a cast member, we have to follow all the norms and rules that they have, but learning from this amazing company will help me to grow personally and professionally. Also, with the Walt Disney World experience many doors will open for me. Because they say that if you survive in WDW, then you can success in any where else.

So today I feel more proud of myself than ever. So far I have accomplish all my goals , even though I know there is lots more to come. IMG_1862

I always remember that there is no impossible in life. People can accomplish anything that they one, all they need to do is work for it because nothing is given. I am a perfect example of that.

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