Reflective Photo Journal #13

This week was very Special for me because it was my last week of class. Even though this semester has been really stressful for me, I did enjoy my classes and I learned a lot things from them. One of the things that I learned in Human Resources Management was, all the laws that protect us as an employee. I think it is really important to know these things because that way you know your rights in your work place.

Another reason why this week was really special, was because I was one of the few in my class who got an award for perfect attendance. When I received this award I felt very rewarded because my professor noticed all my effort and sacrifices. It is not easy to work forty hours a week and only have two days off and those days off you have to take that time to go to school without having any break for yourself. I remember each and every single day I had to get up on a Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM to be at school at 8:15 AM  after a long shift of work the day before. As I mentioned many times before being a Housekeeper is not easy, it is one of the hardest job that people can image. But I could not blame my job to be irresponsible with my classes. For this reason, I always made sure that I had a balance in both duties, since the beginning I knew that not matter what happened, I had to be responsible in both work and school. Like I said, it was not easy but I made it!.


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