Weekly Reflective Journal #13

The last week of classes are always bittersweet. It was a great semester spent with an awesome professor Pamela Campbell. Our last classes consisted of projects due with presentations. For my Human Resources Management class, we had a final project about a multimillionaire company: NIKE INC.


For my Advance Hospitality class, we also had a presentation due. It was very similar to the show shark tank. We had a business and an investor request. The request for my group was the cupcake ATM machine. Luckily, we made some deals and someone bought it!

It was also cast appreciation day this past Tuesday. At the lunchroom in Disney Hollywood Studios, they offered Asian Pork Tacos for 99 cents. Of course they had an alternative for vegetarians like me. I had veggie tacos filled with a broccoli mix, still very delicious because broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. With the tacos it would came with cilantro rice.


Another way Disney appreciated not only the cast members but the college programmers specifically. Disney opened Typhoon Lagoon this past Wednesday from 7pm till 1am. They were offering free T shirts, unlimited chips and Mickey Bars (of course I ate 4, for $4.50 each that was a steal!) and a buffet. However, the buffet didn’t offer much to me except, chips/salsa and bean chili, which was actually quite good with sour cream and cheese.

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