Weekly Journal #14

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This week was a very exciting week due to the fact that it was a last week of my Disney classes. We have been preparing for this day all semester with all of the preparation for our final projects. In both my Advanced Hospitality and Human Resources class we had a group presentation that was based on the work we had been doing all semester.

In my Human Resources class we had to research a company and look our choice of Human Resource topics. Me and my group decided to do Nike. We had all planned accordingly to wear all Nike gear in which we had gotten the approval from our teacher for, since it is defiantly not business professional attire. This also gave me a reason to go shopping but that is besides the point. I discussed the topic of ethics and got into certain unethical circumstances that the Nike company has had to deal with over the years. I really enjoyed this project because it was very open and allowed us to choose what we wanted to do as a group. I was able to work with other City Tech student on this project and proud to say I think we nailed this one.

in my Advanced Hospitality class things got a little bit more interesting. As our final project we were asked to pitch an idea to “investors”, a.k.a an in class shark tank. As stated in my other journals in this class me and my group were in charge of a value resort and we were trying to get investors to help us start a cup cake ATM as seen in New York. My teacher along with her colleges and some volunteer students were the Sharks during each presentation. Let’s just say they did not go easy on us. This was a really entertaining and enjoyable experience because the pressure was on but it was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

For most of my friend these are the final weeks of their program and because of this there has been a lot of college member activities. This week was Star Lit Swim, where they opened Typhoon Lagoon after hours just for college member. They had a DJ, food and most importantly free Mickey Bars. This was really an experience of a life time because usually that park is not open past 5 pm. All of the rides were open as well as the infamous wave pool that can drag you all the way back to shore. I really enjoyed spending time with friends who I either will never see again or at least not for a very long time. This was definitely an event I could not miss.

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