Read and React # 4

In order to keep the magic alive, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration; your co-workers and your surroundings play a major role in it. But so does your willingness to keep pushing through and your desire to keep yourself motivated and do a great job. At my job location (Pop Century Resort) the front desk cast members are many. One way for the company (Walt Disney World) to keep the magic alive is to recognize the good employees and their good actions. They also have fun activities in the back office for the cast members to enjoy such as Easter egg hunting, pop corn for the cast members, trips for the college program cast members, etc. Also our leaders and managers are always looking after their employees and addressing  and answering any concerns or questions that we may have always with a smile on their face. For us the cast members, a way to keep the magic alive is to also interact with our leaders and our fellow co-workers creating a more comfortable environment and always dancing to the music being played throughout the front desk and the resort, telling jokes, and looking after each other. We have become one big family.

In the article “Why do Employees stay? A Qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure Give examples” written by John T Self and Ben Dewald, I read that they conducted interviews to employees at a restaurant to determine what is it that make employees stay at their current jobs. According to this article, some stay because of financial reasons, they may not have another choice and others stay because they feel welcome or their friends work at the same location. I think the reasons are more broad. many seek to grow within a company. Others want to get more experience before they set out to pursue their dreams somewhere else. and others just love what they do. The reasons can be many and may vary on the individual.

For me personally,  in order to keep the magic alive I focus on the little things that at the end of the day make a big impression. I always try my best to assist a guest and ensure a smooth process for them to begin their vacations. I also make them feel welcome by greeting them and showing them that I am  willing to do my best to ensure that they have a great stay at the resort. I also love interacting with my leaders and co-workers because I feel welcome and we all share a genuine camaraderie. I always keep in mind that in the hospitality industry it is very challenging to grow and reach your desired goals, but is not just about the hard work but also about never forgetting what the hospitality industry entails and the main objective; being friendly, welcoming of others and courteous, providing the best service as possible. It is also about creating memorable moments for others and keeping a smile on the guests’ faces and being able to do that with a smile on my face knowing that it is very worth the effort, that’s what keeps the magic alive for me.


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