Read and React #2

The article “Storms of Summer’ by Barbara Higgins was very interesting. Luckily, it is not hurricane season during my stay in Orlando for the program, so I haven’t heard much about hurricane drills and those type of emergency situations.

However, Disney’s main priority is the safety of our guests and of course cast members as well. In the different training sessions,meetings and classes I had in Disney property, the facilitators always show you a safety video where they tell you where the near exits are, and what to do in case of an emergency. Then they proceed to show you where the telephones are to call alpha units, and where we will evacuate in case of an emergency.

At my work location we always talk about Safety, at the start of my shift I always have to attend a meeting called the genie chat, where we talk about the forecast, park hours, updates and most important we share safety stories. For Vacation Planners, we didn’t receive any training emergency related because we mostly work inside the booths, and we don’t have direct contact with the guests.

My leader always mentions the safety line which is in the back of our ID’s and the security line for any type of emergency.

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  1. Sue says:

    I did not know that we had a safety phone number in the backs of our IDs. It is a very useful tool and since our IDs are always with us we will always have the phone number. I love that safety is the number one key in Disney.

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