Read and React #2


One of the first things I have learned since I stared the Disney program is that ”Safety begins with me”. I have mentioned before that Disney Follows four keys that have helped the company to be this successful through the years. One of the first keys is safety, they have safety as the first key because they believe that in order to have a safe environment where the guests and cast members can stay and work, safety have to become first.

At my work location for example, they have a lot if signs about safety in case of an emergency, also we all have been trained about how to response in case of a hurricane emergency. Being knowledgeable and prepared is essential to ensure that each and everyday, all cast members can provide a safe and comfortable guideline to all of our guests in case of an emergency.  I know that no one wants to face an emergency specially a natural disaster, but at the same time every location of work have to be prepared for any outcome situation. Disney in special, has a well prepared plan for an emergency situation. As the article states by Barbara Higgins, “No one in the hospitality business wants to lose control of the guest experience at any time”. Due to the location where Walt Disney is located, the company is  very vulnerable of Hurricanes. One of the example is when the four hurricanes that struck Florida in summer 2004, based on this incident that caused millions and millions of dollars in damage  and killed  countless lives, Disney has united with the National Hurricane Center and has created some stage to monitories a storm. first stage is, review the report of WDW Emergency, second,Shutdown all activities and immediately. third, Scheduled hotel and campground to carefully notifies  the guests of the current conditions and try not to make them nervous to not loose control of the situation, and fourth,Review current plan, checklists and business recovery plans. This is just one little part of the emergency plan that Disney has.

Of  course Disney also has different trainings for cast members so that we can be able to provide a comfortable and safe assistance to our guest. We as cast member and also in our normal lives have learned that some emergency situations are out of control sometimes. For example natural disasters, Disney is well aware of that. For this reason, Disney ensure safety for our guests and for ourselves. My leader always emphasizes that in case of an emergency all operations has to be shutdown so we all can start following the Disney emergency plan, in order to maintain the the situation safe and under control.

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