Read and React #1

When I first herd of “Traditions” I imagined it as the ultimate welcoming orientation, but they surpassed all my expectations. I was able to attend “Traditions” this past Friday on Feburary 5th and was a part of the first group, which meant I had a very early start to my day. The cast members who had arrived before me were able to tell me bits and pieces on what to expect so I went to this meeting with very high hopes of the information I was going to learn.

There were two major points that were discussed at “Traditions” that not only stuck out to me but were constantly repeated through out the entire session; “The 4 Keys” and that “I personally create happiness”. Both points I feel are what will help me most be a memorable cast member to any guest that I will encounter in the parks. The four keys are safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. This is mainly to ensure each guest safety and to keep up with the “show” we are displaying. When at each park I now know to keep in mind these 4 keys and to personally implement them where I see fit. These four keys lead into how I personally create happiness because they are the guide on how to do so.

You are able to tell the time and practice that each speaker at “Traditions” put in to give us the most amazing first experience. They share the stories they had as their first year as cast members and how they know the terrifying yet exciting feelings during their college program. This allowed you to ease your mind knowing that they were exactly where you are sitting now and constantly moving further and further into the company.

On our trip we took a mini tour around Magic Kingdom and tried to point on way the cast members of that day we’re implementing the 4 keys. This was most exiting for me because it was the first time in over 10 years that I was able to see the Disney Castle up close and personal. I have not yet started training at my location but I know that when I begin due to “Traditions” I will be able to have a right mind set on what is expected of me.

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  1. I like that your expectations were high and that they were exceeded, a true example of what creating magic can mean for a guest. Keep this feeling in mind because soon it will be you exceeding expectations for your own guests.

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