Journal Post #15

The past few days two of the attractions at Blizzard Beach were closed for maintenance so we had a lot of guest complaints and unhappy guests. The staff did an excellent job handling these guests so our leaders awarded us with pizza. It is always good to know that the hard work that we put in does not go unnoticed. When I first found out that I would be a member of the parking crew I was unsure about how I felt. After working a few days in parking I absolutely love it. Although we are standing the sun and it can get very hot it is very laid back. My fellow cast members and I make the best out of it whether we are dancing or doing quirky things and guests really seem to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I have been sick for the past two days so I have been in bed all day and night with medication and Kleenex. I have not been able to do much because of this and I have not been able to go to work either. It has also been raining a lot, which is a bit of a downer but being sick it helps me sleep. Another one of my roommates is moving at the end of this week. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye. I also learned that I will not be moving out of my apartment for my extension but I will be getting 3 new roommates.

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