Journal Entry #15

IMG_2210 IMG_2209This week been has been fun, my coworkers that I’m really close with are leaving this week. I went to out to eat to Ohana with some of them and finally met Stitch. The restaurant is Hawaiian theme, which I love. As soon as we stepped foot on the resort Ohana is in. We got laded, I felt special and being part of them. I was the happiest girl ever when I met Stitch. He is my favorite Disney character and since I got here I wanted to meet him. I decided to wait to meet him in Ohana because I could actually spend time with him, which I did. I also got to take pictures with lilo, Mickey and Pluto, which was fun. To be honest, they should have more varieties for break fast. They only had the basics, which were, bacon, waffles, eggs and sausage. This restaurant is placed in the Polynesian resort and I expected more of this restaurant. And it all came out to $30, which is a lot.

The next day I went to Trails End restaurant with the rest of my coworkers to eat for lunch. Wen I got there, I thought I was going to eat in a buffet style like I did last time for breakfast with my roommates, but it wasn’t like that. We still ate a lot; we had home made corn bread, which are so good. My coworkers had chicken and waffles and I had mashed potatoes with chicken fried steak with side fries. I was really hungry, but I got satisfied. We ended up having dessert. It was cinnamon buns with pecan ice cream on top. The food was really delicious and plus we get a 40% off so I highly recommend it. The waiter was nice and funny. I will definitely be coming back with friends.

Saying bye to most of my coworkers has been really hard. I was one of the few that extended and I still don’t get why. It’s really hard knowing that the people you came with are leaving and you going to have to make new friends until the end of the program. I’m not looking forward to this.

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  1. I did not think saying goodbye to my coworkers at Coronado Springs would of been as hard as it was. They were like a second family after my roommates. I have met a lot of new people in my new role at Blizzard Beach but it is not the same. I think it has a lot to do with starting the program together, learning and growing together.

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