Journal Entry #13

Just seeing my roommates leaving today, has hit me. If I hadn’t extended I would be leaving today. I miss home so much now. But I know if I hadn’t extended, I would of regret it. There’s is So much I still want to do that I haven’t done. Eat at the most popular restaurants like be our guest and Ohana. And get to know Disney more like go to the water parks and the mini gulfs areas. My roommates and I went out to eat at trails end restaurant in fort wilderness campsites to eat breakfast and it was so good , the waiters were so nice highly recommend it. Its 40% all year for cast members, lunch and breakfast. After that I took them to do last minute shopping in cast connections and in target. It was nice spending time with them on their last days. When we said bye to each other we cried. I am truly going to miss them. I hope my new roommates are as cool as these were. I have to move out by Sunday and have to check in like last time. It’s like starting all over again which I don’t like.

So I finally finished my two Disney classes. I’m so glad I finished, I was really stressed with the group projects. So as I predicted, I ended up doing all the work for everybody. Nobody had time to do the work, so I ended up doing all the work. I couldn’t give up because I knew I was going to get credited for these classes and I wanted to prove people wrong, which I did. I ended having an 82 for experiential class and an 86 for human resource management. I did my best with working all these crazy hours. And I have perfect attendance for both classes which I’m really proud off. I found out that being a way from everybody back home, I was able to focus more and do better on the classes. Now I know that back home I get distracted. When I get back home, I know what to do to not lose focus of my school work.

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