Journal Entry #12

11151059_922199107819169_8521786345353082726_n11262130_922199124485834_5784675633048690887_nI was able to attend the end of program festivities. Graduation was very11329867_922199177819162_1253270197024054533_n cute and well laid out. Upon arrival we received our graduation ears, then proceeded to another tent to get our certificate of completion. We were also given a memory box. There were various activities to participate in like taking pictures with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There were flags from various countries in the tennis court to take pictures with. There was also a DJ, photo booth with various crops and free food.



Starlit Splash was the end of program party that was thrown for the College Program Participants at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. We were lucky because the weather was perfect, not to cold but not to hot. To me the water park was so much more fun at night. Although there were a lot of college participants the park did not seem over crowded and the lines for rides was not long at all. There was a DJ playing music and cast members dancing in the sand like it was a beach party. There was a great variety of food for everyone.

 My roommate self-termed earlier in April and I finally got a new roommate after three weeks, which is a new adjustment. It was very nerve wrecking when we first moved in getting to know one another and becoming adjusted to everyone’s different living styles and lifestyles. It took time before the six of us became adjusted to one another and now it feels like doing the whole process over again. My other roommates and I also have bonded with each other and we have our routines that we are used to. Hopefully, the adjustment of a new roommate goes smoothly and we all can get along.

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