Journal Post #10

10920908_914957801876633_5201705376839294725_nThis week was not too hectic with checkouts so I was able to have extra time to spend in the guest rooms adding special touches. I watched YouTube videos and found various w10985313_914957818543298_2585454669712135762_nays to make towel animals and art on Pinterest. I made swans in a room for a couple that was celebrating their engagement and I made a flower in another room. I also attempted to make a monkey but I think he looked a little off. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of him.


My roommates and I took a bus trip to Key West for a day. The bus left really early but it gave us ample time to11025707_914957948543285_1181491159100675589_n spend exploring Key West. We decided to go to the private beach where we had to pay $3.00 per person. There w11114029_914957835209963_1282650338429695167_nas not a lot of sand, it was mostly rocks so that made it a little uncomfortable to walk and lay on. The water was beautiful and clear. We also took a boat to snorkel and I got a little seasick so I did not go snorkeling. We did get to watch the sunset from the boat. Afterwards, we had dinner at Conch Republic Seafood Company. The food was amazing and very fresh. We had oysters for the table and I had two lobster tails with rice and green peas.    11182206_914957875209959_2695611277895529262_n   11183441_914957851876628_6653045097431060787_n

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