Journal #7

I looked at the calendar and my surprise there is only a month left until I finish my program…

I Keep moving, doing something everyday and keep thinking about my future because possibilities are endless!

It’s going to be really hard having to  say bye to my friends, I sure hope we can see each other often but most most of  them are from countries such as Spain, Belgium, France, Japan, Brazil,Colombia, Honduras, and New Zealand. 

Having a friends from various parts of the world is such a privilege, I have learned so much from all of them and their rich culture. Although New York is such a diverse place, it is much harder to build relationships and many people are second generations therefore they have been Americanized. It makes me sad to be separated from them when I go back to New York. Of course I miss home,my mom, friends,the nightlife and the yummy food. The other day, I’ve got a letter from my mom which brought me to tears, she said whenever she sees a star, it reminds her of me.  She taught me everything I know today therefore if I’ve become a stronger person is all due to her constant effort. I know being a single mom was not an easy task but she succeeded and I know she’s proud.

Now I am mixed feelings about my future. I want to challenge myself working in other countries but living away from NY filled with all the people I love will be extremely hard . It helps to know I have a year to finish my degree which is enough time to think about it.

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