Journal Entry #8

This has been an amazing week for me. I got an extension offer from the Disney College Program to transfer into a new role on May 17th. I decided to extend my program for Main Gate Operations, which means I will be in a new location. My program will now end on July 30th instead of June 5th. I am really excited about this for a number of reasons. First, I will be getting a whole new experience in a new location. Second, I get to stay in Disney World longer, which is great because there is still so many things that I have not gotten a chance to try.

 11159499_909571832415230_6160625769668908568_n   11182240_909571792415234_6095436039525423791_n

I got to experience a lot of things for the first time this week also. I finally managed to make it to11174777_909571982415215_4831229405276218499_n Magic Kingdom to see Wishes. I saw the fireworks from behind the castle so I had an amazing view of the fireworks. However, the next time I see Wishes I would like to watch it from in front of the castle so that I can have the view of the castle with the fireworks in the background. My roommate and I were able to 11174788_909572142415199_7746802029858565963_nget fast passes for the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, both rides broke down while we were on it. The boats for Pirates of the Caribbean were backed up and it became a bumper boat ride. We also got on “it’s a small world”, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, which has been one of my favorite rides thus far. I got to see the Electric Parade for the first time, which I absolutely loved!!11072640_909572072415206_8263736448046212559_n

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