Read and React #4

Working as a main entrance park greeter you eventually get bored because this is like one of the easiest job in the parks. You greet guests as you come in, stand by the v points and if they don’t know how to use their magic band or their ticket you show them, which is really easy. If you don’t get a v point you’ll do exit which is saying “good bye, have a nice day, or thanks for coming’. I’ll personally keep the magic alive by always remembering how I want the guests to feel especially if it’s their first time. My first time being in Disney was very special and I had a lot of fun. I want guests to feel the same way even though it could be their third time coming into the parks. Even though, I could be very tired or stressed. I’ll always maintain a smiling face and staying positive.

Epcot is always doing different kinds of activities for us cast members to do and enjoy. They do this because they want us to keep the magic alive and not get tired of the same thing over and over. For example, this following Tuesday we have a movie night for only Epcot cast members. They are going to give food, beverages, and prizes. I will be attending because it’s a good way to get to know more people and just relax and hang out after work. They also have bowling day in couple of weeks and I can’t wait to go. This is a great way for us the cast members to keep having the magic alive for us. What my location also does is have meetings to talk about the progress during the week and ways we could improve on making magic for guests.

The article “ why do employee stay? A qualitative exploration of employee tenure talks about one of the reasons why people stay working for a long time is because of their co-workers. I strongly agree with this because most of the employees work for long hour shifts meaning there are always working and they would become very close with each other. Some become long time friends and hang out after work. I know this because I’m going through this also. I have become really close with some of my co-workers. This is one of the reasons I extended.

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  1. Andrea Chan says:

    I think employee only events are a great and fun way to keep the magic alive. Just a few weeks ago, we had a cast member party too and it was only for DAK members. There was free food, free music, free drinks and desserts! I also like how at Mickey’s retreat they always have a free event going on. I frequently get emails stating that there will be a movie night with free food! The perks of being a cast member is definitely one of the ways to keep magic alive.

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