Journal #6

Yesterday I had one of the hardest chekings thus far, a family from England who had three different reservations for the total of 11 people. They booked their vacation through a third party and it was a complete chaos. None of the reservations had the correct park mix, only one reservation had tickets as suppose to all of them and one of the reservations was only booked for 7 nights instead of 14. To make matters worse most of the travel agencies in England only put the first letter of the guest and the last name, they don’t place the address or contact info which makes it a guessing game.

This family had been through a lot their flight was delayed due to weather conditions and they had been up for about 24 hours, this was not making it any better.

Since they booked it through a third party, my operations team is not liable for fixing this. The ones in charge of this are the Wholesale team, I was on the phone with them for about 20 minutes trying to figure it all out and even they had trouble. One of the reservations has duplicated and another had been cancelled, in the front I had three set of Magic bands for one family. After trying to figure it all out, I was able to get this family in to their room, and figure out the rest the next day since we had no means to contact England at 7pm and had to wait to morning. The family was simply happy to be able to finally get some rest and the grandmother was thankful.

I spoke to several managers to follow up on their reservation and try t0 make up for all the trouble. They will be given complimentary tickets and extra fast-passes because this was a very stressful check-in and not very magical as it should have been.

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