Read and React 3

I completely agree with this article. I believe that for someone to be a manager in a certain location, you must know the tradition or the culture that everyone goes by in the company. You can not just jump into a company as a new manager and expect everything to run smoothly. There needs to be a transaction phase where a new manager takes to understand the people working for him/her and understand how things were run and what needs to change. If a manager were to just change a work culture of a company upon arriving, that will throw the work flow off as well as causing chaos within the workplace. In my opinion, for someone to become a successful manager at a company, they need to at least be in each  role for at least a couple of days to understand how they operate as well as their work ethics. I believe this is a best way for a new manager to incorporate themselves into a work culture and this might even allow the current employees to welcome the new manager.

With my time here at Disney, I haven’t been really able to shadow a manager but I have been talking to most of my managers a lot whether it’s work related or personal. The best experience of this for me was when the new executive housekeeper at the Wilderness Lodge came looking for me just to chat. It was nice to know that someone of that position was going around looking for me just to chat. I talk to my managers a lot about my goals and how I would like to have Disney being part of it. I tell them how I plan to achieve my goals and that I will need their help because I am still new and inexperienced. My managers told me they appreciate what I do and appreciate what I shared with them and are more than willing to help guide me. I am very thankful to have such a supportive management team that is always there for me when I need them. My managers even gave me mock interviews of how a Leader Casting Call interview would go and how I should properly answer certain questions. I was also told about certain buzz words that would help during an interview and how I should phrase my answers to create a story. Though it was a mock interview, I was still nervous because it came to me as a surprise that they would do this for me. For my managers to take time off just to help prep me for the future, I feel extremely blessed because my managers were all busy prior to it. I know not everywhere will have great managers like the ones I have but I know to appreciate them and be thankful. Though I still need more experience and proper guidance, I don’t regret coming down to work for Disney and I know this is the right path for me to take and one day become a manager of a Disney property.

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