Read and React 3

While doing the Disney College Program I haven’t had a chance to shadow a leader or complete management task but I have had a chance to observe my leaders and see what it’s alike for them on a day to day bases. Disney’s All-Star Resorts have been at 100% occupancy and my leaders are busy most of the time so it’s really hard to sit down and have a conversation with them. When it comes to the leaders at my locations we usually have 3-4 managers during the day. There is usually one in the lobby, one or two behind the desk and one in the back. I love there they are spread out so if you need one to help you or assist you with a guest situation they are easy to get to.

One of the main roles my leaders play is support if the check-in line or concierge line are getting too long they step in and take a station. They go and grab Magic bands for us to make the process go quicker or if where on hold trying to get in contact with the back office they see if they can fix the problem from  their computers. There also there to assist us with any concerns or questions. One of my favorite things that I love when my leaders do is when it’s slow and they come up to me and just talk about anything. It helps me feel more welcomed, accepted, and that they appreciate me.

In the article “Mistake to Avoid by Newly Promoted Managers” by, they mentioned how building bonds with new peers is an important part of networking. I agree with this because once you build I bond with leaders or possible mentors you become more comfortable with them and are able to ask for advice and help. When I went to networking event at All-Star cast services building I had the opportunity to speak to a former Disney Ambassadors and  leaders from different areas of the resort it was really informative and got to see what I was like in other areas like housekeeping  and Food and Beverage.

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