Social Science

Amanda L. Almond Research includes: scale validation for self-care behaviors of women enrolled in graduate programs; the effects of microaggression on self-compassion, health promotion, and professional empowerment; and racial identity and attributions of race in the processing of disease-risk messages targeting Black Americans. N604
Daniel Capruso Clinical neuropsychology N625
Peter Catapano Research focuses on the social and cultural life of immigrants to the US during the 20th century. Special interests include comparing representations of early 20th century and post-1965 immigration. N610
Lisa Pope Fischer Anthropological research focuses on post socialist Hungarian society from a global perspective as a way to address concerns regarding identity (gender, ethnic, national), issues of power and agency, the social construction of time and space, and the politics of difference and social inequities.  My multi-site research includes the impact of migration and societal change on personal practice. N627
Pa Her Understanding the intersection of culture, emotion and identity.  Examining how the interaction of culture with these processes affects the psychological and physical well-being of the individual. N600
Jean Hillstrom Our research team conducts research in the following areas: emotion, expressive writing, music, development, cognition, psychophysiology, job satisfaction, training performance. N611/ N612
Tina Kao Main general interest is in behaviors associated with stress and learning N624
Fangxia Lin Financial economics, risk management, financial statement analysis, copula methods in finance. N624
Sean P. MacDonald Research interests include public policy, labor market trends, and sustainable economic development and policy. I am also interested in examining the long-term impact of shifts in taxation and spending policies that have contributed to widening income inequality in the U.S. economy. N600
Gulgun Bayaz Ozturk Poverty, Income Inequality, Income mobility N624
Laureen Park My interests include Metaphysics, Phenomenology, and psychoanalysis. More recently, I’ve done work in Conflict Resolution Scholarship. N627
Eric M. Rodriguez Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer/Intersex (LGBTQI) Issues, HIV/AIDS, Identity Conflict and Integration, Personality Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychology of Religion, Research Methods and Statistics and Social Psychology. My current research builds upon my doctoral dissertation work on LGBTQI people of faith. N625
Howard Sisco Main general interest is in behaviors associated with stress and learning N625

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