2024 Velay Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Female student in a science lab
Image from the Velay Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship website

The Velay Scholars Research Fellowship, offered by the CUNY Office of Reseach, is designed to provide undergraduate students with immersive research experiences. By participating in the Summer Velay Program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in cutting-edge research across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Work closely with esteemed faculty mentors on meaningful research projects.
  • Develop essential skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Connect with a diverse community of scholars and peers who share their passion for inquiry and discovery.

This program is open to students from all academic backgrounds who are eager to dive deep into the world of research and make a tangible impact in their fields of interest. The projected timeline for the fellowship will be from Mon. June 3rd – Thurs. August 8th, 2024, which will culminate in a poster presentation to highlight the research done during the summer. Upon full completion of the program, students will receive a $5,000 stipend.


  • All CUNY undergraduates  interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • CUNY undergraduates completing their sophomore or junior year may apply.
  • CUNY Community College students with at least 30 credits at the time of application are also encouraged to apply.

Eligible students are encouraged to visit the Velay Scholars Research Fellowship program website to learn more about the Velay Scholars Research Fellowship and access the online application portal. There is also an FAQ section for common questions students might have about the program. The application deadline is Friday, March 25th, 2024.

Velay Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship @ CUNY Application

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Velay Scholars Research Fellowship, please feel free to reach out to Veer Shetty (veer.shetty@cuny.edu).

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