MAT 1375 Precalculus

Professor Poirier | D366 | Spring 2024

Week 6 checklist

Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 10



  • Polynomials – Theory
  • Rational Functions – Domains
  • Rational Functions – Asymptotes
  • Rational Functions – Intercepts
  • Rational Functions – Comprehensive



  • Work through this activity on the sine and cosine functions by Sunday, March 31 for an extra participation point. If you sign in using your free Desmos account, you will be able to save your work and return to it.

MAT 1375 X MAT 2580 collab

Comment due Sunday, March 10

MAT 1375 students’ instructions

MAT 1375 students, the instructions here are not for you! Do not comment on this post! See the post with your instructions over on the MAT 2580 site.

MAT 2580 students’ instructions

MAT 2580 students, welcome to the MAT 1375 site! Some of you probably took MAT 1375 at CityTech but for those of you who didn’t: MAT 1375 is CityTech’s Precalculus course. The students in this class are learning about graphs of different types of functions.

So the MAT 1375 students are like past versions of you! They’re a few semesters behind where you are in their math journeys. What advice do you have for them to help them succeed?

  • Maybe you’d like to tell them what skills or material you think is most important from MAT 1375 or any of the other math classes you took before MAT 2580?
  • Maybe you’d like to tell them what you wish they’d learned better from MAT 1375 any of the other math classes you took before MAT 2580?
  • Maybe you’d just like to tell them how you have succeeded in your math classes or how to prepare for a test?
  • Maybe you’d like to tell them something more personal like what your major is, what you like about differential equations, what you liked about Precalculus, or what other math classes you have to take?

Your instructions for this assignment are simple: in the comments below, give the MAT 1375 students some unsolicited advice.

Since you have not commented in this group before, your comments will not appear right away. They have to be approved by the administrator first, but the administrator is me and I’ll approve any advice (as long as it is not too inappropriate). Anyone who offers any advice will earn participation credit.

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