The lessons below follow the course outline for the SECOND EDITION of the textbook. An update of these lessons that follows the outline of the third edition is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Lesson 1: The Absolute Value

Lesson 2: Lines and Functions

Lesson 3: Functions by formulas and graphs

Lesson 4: Introduction to the TI-84

Lesson 5: Basic functions and transformations

Lesson 6: Operations on functions

Lesson 7: The inverse of a function

Lesson 8: Dividing polynomials

Lesson 9: Graphing polynomials

The following lessons are in development (will be completed soon):

The remaining lessons below were created in Spring 2020 – the content is complete but they need to be cleaned up (work in progress – will be completed soon). NOTE: The URLs for these lessons may change slightly as they are finalized – You can always check this page for the latest link.