A marquee saying "DOT'S SNACK QUEST in VECTOR LAND" and underneath, a robot holding a plate of pancakes, standing on a grid with various snacks laid out.

Season title: DOT’s Snack Quest in Vector Land

Meet DOT!

The robot DOT is your Delightful Operations Teammate. DOT is very excited to work with you! Together, you and DOT will explore the six interactive episodes of this season of DOT’s Snack Quest in Vector Land to explore the wonderful world of vectors.

DOT loves snacks! I mean… DOT really loves snacks!!! In each episode, your job is to give instructions to DOT to help them collect snacks placed at various points in their world. By the end of the season, you and DOT will have learned the techniques required to collect their snacks (and perform other tasks too) in a variety of tricky situations… and DOT will have a very full robot tummy!

DOT’s Snack Quest in Vector Land

There are six episodes this season:

  1. Crunching the Numbers
  2. Angling for an Appetizer
  3. Trigo-nom-nom-nom-etry
  4. Magnitude of the Munchies
  5. Craving Components
  6. Vector Velocity: Nibbles in Motion

Each episode has four segments:

  1. Preview: You’ll read a brief overview of what you and DOT will get up to during the episode.
  2. Play: You’ll play a short video game to help DOT collect their snacks… and you and DOT will develop some math skills along the way! Keep playing for as long as you like!
  3. Practice: You’ll learn a little bit of the math you used to help DOT collect their snacks and you’ll practice what you learned by solving an abstract problem. Read the question and type your answer in the space provided. It’s okay if you don’t answer all the parts correctly on your first try; just keep trying!
  4. Apply: You’ll take what you and DOT have learned and apply it in a similar setting. Again, keep trying until you’ve answered all parts of the problem correctly!

After you have completed all four parts of one episode, you’ll be ready to move onto the next episode. Work through one episode at a time or binge the whole season… it’s up to you!

Bon appétit!