Journal 6

“For the 100th time”


Today I woke up, happy that its my day off both from my regular job and from my internship. I said my morning prayers and reached for my phone after and the first thing I noticed on the screen was an email from my Internship supervisor with a subject header that said “URGENT”. My heart jumped right out of my chest as I wondered what the problem could possibly be. The email explained a minor error on a brochure that I sent to be printed the day before. The error was simple and easy to fix but I had to fix it quickly before the printer printed 100 copies of them. I went right into my files and went to work instantly; although it took me no more than maybe 30 seconds to fix the problem, I made sure I took this time to proofread everything for the 100th time. With the help of my design teammates, who urgently informed the printer in person to put a hold on printing, I managed to save myself from a HUGE embarrassment. What I learned today is that the life of a designer never stops on days off, the work is always in progress or pending. Also, Its my job as the designer to make sure that there are no errors in the design and that every word is speld correktly (see what I did there?) After todays run around from my design team and myself, I can finally rest and enjoy the rest of my day, for now.