Final Presentation

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Start-Up Portfolio

ChevyBolt1a SleepyShallowAdHotellogo3colorNew PaulNembhardUncleFunkys RasPosterI  webpage_blisten

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Paul Nembhard’s Biography


PDF: Internship_Biography_Spring2016_1

Paul Nembhard is a freelance graphic designer and a student at the New York City College of Technology. He majors in Communication Design and is completing his senior year in the Spring of 2016. His main focus is photography and copywriting which is where he found his admiration in the design field. He is currently an intern at the Faculty Commons Design Team at his school where he works both with City Tech and outside party clients. Paul’s goal after graduation is to own his own design agency or ad firm that produces work for the Christian faith community.

Paul was born on November 8, 1991 in Kingston Jamaica where he grew up with his mother and younger brother. From the very beginning, he was drawing so much that students, teachers and family members were always asking him to draw their portrait. In 2004 when he migrated to New York with his family, Paul began to practice realism and landscape drawing with the artists friends he met. During these years he found a passion for writing music and poetry as well. He decided to major in graphic design in his senior year of high school. Throughout his life, the arts were always important to him, this is what he dreams his legacy highlights.

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Sleepy Shallow Hotels

This was an old campaign I did for one of my classes. It is for an underwater hotel I created called “Sleepy Shallow Hotels” for people who want to get away from other people, lay in bed in an underwater hotel with beautiful scenery, watch TV and order room service, hope you like it 🙂


Hotellogo3colorNew SleepyShallowAd SleepyShallowAd3 SubwayBanner_1

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